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Meeting of the ICMM with the representatives of UMIB

Press release

Prishtina – 19 January 2022

Meeting of the ICMM with the representatives of UMIB

 Senior officials of the ICMM, Mrs Selvete Grajçevci – Pllana, Chairwoman of the Board, four Members of the Board, deputy Director and deputy Chief Inspector of Mines, have hosted today in the ICMM meeting room the representatives of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”- (UMIB), Prof. Dr. Naser Peci – Dean, Faculty of Geo-Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Behxhet Shala – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Scientific Researches.

Within continuation of cooperation between the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) and the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB), it was discussed for the importance of these two institutions for the mining sector in Kosovo and for continuation of the cooperation in the study fields of this sector.

These two institutions agreed that their support scientific scope is mutual and that the benefits are mutual as in realization of professional practice as well in the organization of conferences, symposiums and seminars.

After recommendations done in this meeting and seeing the interest and engagement, the participants agreed for the possibility for other similar meetings, for deepening cooperation as well in the future concerning the exchange of professional experiences, meetings and joint work according to the academic and scientific knowledge they possess.