Road Infrastructure – The territory of Kosovo has a suitable road infrastructure for development of different business activities. The road network consists of 630 km of main roads.

The country’s road infrastructure is well developed. A fully developed road network does exist, in general the roads are in very good conditions. There are several main roads connecting the large towns of Kosovo.

Responsible for the maintenance of highways and regional roads is the Ministry of Infrastructure while responsible for local roads is the Municipality.

With the construction of the highway with Albania, Kosovo is an important linking point of Western Europe with the Adriatic Sea.

Railway Infrastructure – Kosovo possesses a railway system of 330 km covering all the territory of Kosovo by connecting the north with south and east with west.

Railway system except for passenger transportation for private and official purposes offers also transportation of different goods for business purposes, in Kosovo and abroad. Such transportation is carried out not only by railway but also in combination with other types of transportation.

Kosovo Railways enable the construction of private industrial rails from the railway lines to the client’s location.

Commercial Division of Kosovo Railways is the main responsible body for transportation of goods through Kosovo Railways.

Air Infrastructure – Kosovo possesses a single airport, Airport “Adem Jashari”, which is one of the busiest airports in the region. This airport offers flights to the most important European centres but also in America.

Like other transportation also the air transportation except for passenger transportation also does the transportation of various goods (cargoes) for business purposes. Prishtina Airport offers a fast, effective and professional transfer of loads. Airport does the screening of each load through X-rays. Depending on the weight of the load also the payments fees differ.

Prishtina Airport provides suitable conditions for transportation of goods that require special treatment, by possessing refrigerators for preservation of goods. It also possesses all the equipment for loading and unloading the goods.

Upon the arrival of the goods, each transportation company must make the withdrawal within 24 hours, otherwise they have to pay extra fee.

Infrastructure of Kosovo