Archive has adopted an upgraded electronic archive system of documentation that it is accepted or the ICMM has possessed it. This system is structured in that way in order to use it easier. It has carefully distinguished electronic files/folders by distinguishing electronic files for applications for licences and permits, files for incoming and outgoing documentations and the documentation respectively the old historic archive which files are related to geological explorations in the territory of Kosovo.

Electronic archiving is a foundation as well for the upgrade of the ICMM Database.

Electronic archiving serves as well as a foundation that some of electronic files/folders such as “old historic archive” to be offered with payment to interested parties through webpage in the future.

Archiving respectively the Sector of Archive bases its works in the Law on Archive, Law on Mines and Minerals, Law on Access to Public Documents and some sublegal acts issued by the ICMM, that they define clearly the work with parties, the term to perform the request of parties, price-list of archive materials and it does as well the classification in general of documents it possesses.