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Meeting of the ICMM with Mr Naim Dedushaj, Chief Executive Officer of Albanian Diaspora Business Network


Press release

Prishtina – 18 February 2022

Senior officials of the ICMM, Mrs Selvete Grajçevci – Pllana, Chairwoman of the Board, other Members of the Board and Director of the ICMM, have hosted today in the meeting room, Mr Naim Dedushaj Chief Executive Officer of Albanian Global Diaspora Business Network and Mr. Senton Kaçaniku.

During the meeting, Mr Dedushaj disclosed the work of this network who emphasized that the headquarters is in New York (USA) whereas the headquarters of Regional Cooperation Office is in Prishtina (Kosovo).

During the meeting, Albanian Global Diaspora Business Network emphasised that their aim is to present connecting bridges between economic entities of the diaspora of Albanian origin but not only this. Their businesses are in all countries abroad where their aim is to invest with businesses within Albanian countries, the concrete case is Kosovo.

Mr Dedushaj presented in front of the ICMM, a chronology of businesses, Albanian forums that they have businesses abroad and that their aim is to invest jointly with strong investors also in mining sector by which it will be increased social welfare.

The participants during the meeting were enthusiastic with great aim to invest in this sector; they vowed that the cooperation won’t lack and that they will intensify meetings as well for cooperation with the interested investors. The interest was especially in the initial stage, in mineral bearing zones especially in minerals of rare metals.

Within the meeting, as well two presentations with places with investment potential in mining sector were presented in front of participants.

Participants in the meeting agreed to have next meetings with more concrete subjects related to opportunity of investments and modalities for exploration with purpose of valorisation of these mineral resources.