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Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals issues this press release

Prishtina – 19 March 2019

Mining operations such as exploration, mining or special operations in RKS are carried out by different operators. Based on the information we have, some operators illegally carry out these operations.

This state is causing degradation and destruction of rivers, fields and hills (utilization of rivers and fields to extract gravel and different quarries).

The joint operational plan has started to be implemented together with Kosovo Police, Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Forest Agency Inspectorate, Municipalities Inspectorates, in all territory of the Republic of Kosovo. The purpose of this operational plan is to undertake all operational measures in identifying all businesses and physical person who acts in contradiction to applicable laws, all activities of licensed businesses and those who doesn’t possess licences in mining sector, and all abandoned zones where the mining activity has been carried out, that are carrying out or had carried out the criminal offense of degradation and destruction of environment of the Article 347 of CCK.

 The tasks that this plan should contain are as following:

 The immediate cease of the work of all illegal operators

  1. Implementation of the applicable law, identification and criminal proceeding in cooperation with other justice authorities, Prosecutor and Court
  2. Avoiding this phenomenon in that location by increasing the control from the Kosovo Police and
  3. Avoiding risks shown from site field together with ICMM and MESP.

 All enterprises and physical persons are asked to respect the orders issued during their verification in field. If they are not provided with a License or Special Operation Permit, they shall fulfil conditions for application according to the Law on Mines and Minerals in order to be provided with Mining Licence or Special Operation Permit