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The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals presents the Mining Sector in Canada

 The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals presents the Mining Sector at two different events in Canada: PDAC Conference and “NATO Economy 2016 Forum – Mining & Infrastructure
The delegation of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, composed of: Musa Shabani, Kemajl Zeqiri and Festim Kutllovci in the framework of the PDAC Conference, which was held in Toronto, Canada, and that it is the biggest conference for the mining sector, except many meetings with investors and representatives of the various Governments, have presented the mining potential and legal infrastructure on investment opportunities in the mining sector of the country in two different events.
To support the ICMM delegation was also the deputy of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Sala Berisha – Shala, her presence was of special importance particularly during discussions for mining legal framework and discussions on the possibility of supplementing this legal framework.
At first, the presentation was in the framework of the PDAC conference, where the interest of different companies and institutional representatives was extremely high, and therefore our delegation held a series of meetings separately after presentation, based on the requirements of participants in presentation.
The next presentation of the mining sector was in the framework of the event “NATO Economy 2016 Forum – Mining & Infrastructure”, where except the presentation, the representative of the delegation Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri participated as well in the panel discussions. After the presentation in the framework of the meetings “B2B” and “B2G”, the delegation held various discussions with institutional representatives and companies from different countries such as Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic etc. It is worth mentioning that Kosovo participates for the first time in this event – NATO Economy Forum.
The delegation thanks the representatives of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb for their support in organizing the presentations at both events. The delegation thanks also the representative of Kosovo Embassy in Canada.