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The Board and the Director of ICMM visited “Trepça” mine in Stan Terg

Mitrovica – 22 January 2019

The Board, Director and Chief Inspector of ICMM visited Stan Terg mine after the failure due to burning of the power station in the Industrial Park complex “Trepça” in Mitrovica, where they met with the Management of the mine and were informed about the situation and undertaken actions.

The power cuts at the “Trepça” mine in Stan Terg caused the interruption of work of the lifting machine, pumps, compressors and ventilators, leaving the first shift workers (100 workers) trapped in the mine.

Provision of alternative power supply for cage operation has been done temporarily to bring workers to the surface. Exit of the workers safely from the mine is done from 15:00 – 16:00.

Chief Inspector of Mines and Senior Inspector of Underground Mines were informed for emergency case immediately after it has happened. After this failure, the ICMM was informed at all times by the Senior Inspector of Underground Mines, who has been present at all times at the mines’ offices and in contact with its Management.