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Publication of the joint bulletin with ISSN as scientific journal between ICMM and NANR

The challenges created by the unprecedented situation to cope with COVID-19 pandemic were very hard to cope with it and with impact in general for all sectors, as well the impact was present in the mining sector.
Hereupon, within the cooperation and exchange of mutual experience and increasing the joint cooperation within institutions, a delegation of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) was invited for an official visit for the period 21-24 October 2020 by the National Agency of Natural Resources (NANR) from Albania, comprising of:
Avdi Konjuhi- Acting Chairman of the ICMM Board, Ramiz Krasniqi- Director of the ICMM, Fatmir Gërguri – Chief Inspector of Mines, Bajram Dogani –Manager of Mines in the enterprise “Newco Feronikeli Complex LLC”, Naser Qorri- Geologist of Mines in the enterprise “Newco Ferronikeli Complex LLC”.
Delegation of Kosovo was hosted by the Executive Director Mr Adrian Bylyku and the accompanying staff of NANR; it was discussed professionally in the meeting and for the further development of this cooperation.
Namely, the Executive Director of NANR proposed to publish a joint bulletin with ISSN as scientific journal, to publish in the content of this journal the researches for minerals, exchange of graphic materials, the updated studies for data of chrome, cooper etc., to highlight information and researches for non-metals and metals, decorative stones, etc.
The Kosovo delegation and representatives of NANR agreed as well for a legal initiative for legal approximation in the mining field between the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo, an initiative which will be supported for implementation as well by the Business Co-Governance Platform.
They agreed on technical level as well for standardization of indicators of mining industry in compliance with directive of European Community – European Inspire EU 2007/2KE, exchange of experience for improvement of updated data GIS system etc.
Visit to Albanian Geological Survey is done as well with purpose to plan joint projects between institutions for 2021, among other things between ICMM, NANR, AGS, Geoscience Institute and Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.
Kosovo- Albania international conference on promotion of mining sector, as the situation created by COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to hold this conference in this year, was a priority of meetings held in the Institutions of Albania.
Kosovo delegation expressed the readiness for cooperation in previous and future projects, as well all institutions agreed to hold meetings for cooperation at least in a year.
Cr mine in Bulqize and Cu mine in Spac were visited as well, where it was analysed the reserves of Cr and Cu minerals in mines, quantity and amount of minerals, conditions of workers, safety at work etc.
The four-day visit can be considered very successful and it is thought that such cooperation in the future will be fruitful for both parties.