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 Prishtina: 27.11.2019


Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals organises the annual information meeting for the representatives and responsible persons of the enterprises dealing with mining and processing of mineral resources, compilers of exploration program plan, compilers of geological and mining projects. The meeting has for purpose to inform the participants for:

– Rights and obligations for Mining License or Special Operation Permit with emphasis on planning for the following year, quarterly and annual reporting

– Preparation of exploration program plan, geological and mining projects, special operation projects

– Entry into force of the Administrative Instruction with No. 01/2016 on Classification and valuation of mineral resources and reserves and record-keeping

– Notification on amending and supplementing of some Administrative Instructions.


The meeting with be held on Friday, 13.12.2019 starting on 10:00 h in the big hall of the building of the Ministry of Public Administration (former-building of Rilindja) in Prishtina.