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Meeting with interested party for investment in mining sector in Kosovo

Prishtina – 15 April 2019


The Board, Director and the Head of Geology Department met today Mr Bahri Yildiz, General Manager of the company ORIOLE RESOURCES PLC with headquarter in London.

The Chairman of the ICMM Board, Musa Shabani, made a remark about the responsibilities and activity of the ICMM where he informed the participants that the ICMM manages currently about 766 mining entities. Mr Shabani did a detailed presentation about opportunities of applying in free zones, and about zones of special interest for which it was said that he must address to the Government respectively to the Public-Private Partnership Department, whereas about the interest for Trepça mines he informed them that they must address to the Government. The ICMM issues exploration licences and then those for mining for other zones in compliance with the Law on Mines and Minerals.

The representative of the company expressed the interest especially for minerals of lead, zinc, chrome and gold. Both parties expressed their desire to cooperate as well in the future.

The Head of Geology Department, Mr Sali Mulaj informed them in detail for licensing conditions. The interested party for investments in the Republic of Kosovo visited the zones of interest in Mitrovica (Gumnishtë, Vllahi and Karaqë) during two days accompanied by Head of the Geology Department and Mr Rrahim Kelmendi, Senior Geologist for Geo-database.