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Meeting with a delegation from Albania

The delegation from Albania comprising of Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry Mr. Gëzim Musabelliu, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo Mr. Qemajl Minxhozi accompanied by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development Mrs. Besa Zogaj-Gashi from the Republic of Kosovo, and Chief of the GSK Mr. Fidaim Sahiti had an “ad hoc” meeting in the ICMM on 12.12.2016.

Delegation was welcomed by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Musa Shabani, members of the Board Avdi Konjuhi, Kemajl Zeqiri, Festim Kutllovci, and the Executive Director Ramiz Krasniqi.

Within the continuous institutional cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania to strengthen the mutual economic development with special emphasis was the development of mining sector.

After introduction speech of Mr. Shabani for the ICMM’s role in the development of mining sector in the country, an open and very friendly discussion was held about the importance of cooperation between two institutions, respectively countries, especially regarding the mineral-bearing zones in Kosovo-Albania border zones and organization of the joint conference between two states in mining sector.

From his side Mr. Gëzim Musabeliu Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry has informed the ICMM Board about the role of this institution that has for the Republic of Albania and he required to have more frequent meeting of the professional teams between two institutions.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Shabani thanked the participants for their readiness and to continue with more frequent meetings of professional teams between two institutions.