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Meeting of the Working Group of the Kosovo-Albania

Meeting of the Working Group of the Kosovo-Albania International Conference on the Mining and Mineral Resources Sector to be held on 16-17 May 2018 in Prishtina

Kosovo Delegation comprising of Musa Shabani Chairman of Board, Avdi Konjuhi Member of Board, also Chairperson of the Working Group and Festim Kutllovci Member of Board from ICMM, Fidaim Sahiti from the KGS and Skender Sallahu from the Department of Mining MED on 12.03.2018 were received at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Tirana by Dp. Minister Enis Aliko with associate. The purpose of the meeting was to organize an international conference between Kosovo and Albania, which will be held on May 16-17, 2018 in Prishtina.

  Chairman of the Board Musa Shabani presented information related to this conference, while Mr. Avdi Konjuhi as chairman of the working group of this conference informed the attendees about technical preparations and harmonization of the agenda for this conference. Deputy Minister Aliko welcomed the work on the conference organization, and added that this conference is good for the development of the mining industry.

The meetings related to this conference continued on the following day on 13 March 2018 at the National Agency of Natural Resources. NANR Director Ardian Bylyku with associate hosted a meeting for the working group of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals. Mr. Bylyku supported the organization of the international conference on mining. Also, the head of NANR stressed that cooperation should go further by drafting long-term plans for the development of the mining sector.

The purpose of this conference is the current presentation of the mining industry in the country. Like: exploration, exploitation, processing of mineral resources in Kosovo and Albania. Then legislation, mining policies and opportunities for future development. Mining investment challenges or opportunities?! At this point, opportunities are created for introducing ideas through presentations, local and foreign mining enterprises and other relevant institutions. Also presentations may present evaluations or ideas for current mining flows at the global, regional and local level, with particular emphasis on investments in the mining sector of Kosovo and Albania.