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Meeting of the ICMM with the representatives of the “ILBAK” Turkish holding

Officials of the ICMM, Director Mr Ramiz Krasniqi, Chief Inspector of Mines Mr Naim Sejdiu and several Heads of the ICMM Departments have met the representatives of the “ILBAK” Turkish holding in the ICMM office.

Delegation of the “ILBAK” Turkish holding consisted of Mr Macit Gül, Mr Eyup Batal, Mr Hasan Giray, Mr Mehmet Kaya, Mr Murat Çetintaş and Mr Zafer Toper.
The ICMM Director in his remark has explained in general the function of the ICMM.
It was explained about the role, importance and the impact of the ICMM as contributing factor in the development of country, in collection of 30 million revenues which have tendency to increase. Further, it was explained that these revenues are realized by management of about 600-700 licenses and permits. The ICMM carries out the management of blasting in the whole territory of Kosovo as well in cooperation with KFOR and Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The ICMM Director as well expressed his gratitude for the interested party for opportunity to invest in Kosovo, where he showed the best opportunities for investments, by arranging meetings with other parties in order to see the zones with possibility of investments.
The visits continued as well with a meeting in the Assembly of Kosovo.

The visits in the most perspective sites and possible sites to invest were to:

• Visit to Stanterg mine, Flotation in Stanterg and Crystals Museum
• Visit to the zones of interest: Kraçë, Gumnishtë, Vllahi-Zjacë, and Pb-Zn deposit in Maxherë
• Visit to Pb-Zn mines: Hajvali, Badovc, Kishnicë, Artanë and Quka e Batllavës.
• Visit to Ni deposit Gllavicë, Çikatova and Terstenik,
• Visit to some enterprises using decorative stones (marble) in Zatriq-Astarzub deposit of Malishevë dhe Rahovec Municipalites.

In the end of visits to the deposits and of the meetings, delegation expressed that they are interested to a possibility to have a similar visit as well in October, in order to see the possibility of cooperation and to continue talking.