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Fatal accident in Trepça mine – unit in Leposavic

Press release

Prishtina – 25 September 2020

Fatal accident in Trepça mine – unit in Leposavic

An accident has occurred around 10:30 h in Trepça mine – unit in Leposavic, respectively in working unit Flotation in Leposavic.

Initially, it has been reported for an accident in working place where a miner has lost one of his arms but the miner did not survive the injury despite receiving very fast medical services.

The person who had fatal accident is the miner R.D. 39 years old, who has performed daily works according to the Management of the mine.

ICMM has established a professional commission to investigate the accident, which went immediately to the scene.

On this occasion, the ICMM expresses its condolences to the miner’s family and to the management of Trepça.