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Decision on the control of parties by metal detector

Prishtina, 08.06.2020
Ref. 003/0-1/ICMM

Pursuant to Article 63 paragraph 3.3 of the Law No. 03/L/163 on Mines and Minerals, in order to create a safe environment for the ICMM’s staff and external parties who are in the ICMM’s facility, the Director of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals issues this:



All parties entering the ICMM’s facility shall be controlled. The control of parties shall be done according to the security procedures by the metal detector.

Each party shall be subject to control, it shall follow the instructions of the security worker to perform control according to the security procedures and standards.

In order to fully implementation of this decision:

The contract/project manager, Ekrem Gorçi, is ordered to inform the Economic Operator to start with implementation of the decision starting from 08.06.2020.

The contract/project manager in cooperation with Economic Operator shall compile the procedures to control persons in the entrance of facility and to correctly instruct the security worker who has to precisely implement procedures.

The notification for decision on obligatory control of external parties entering the ICMM’s facility shall be published at the entrance of facility.


The decision shall enter into force on 08.06.2020.