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Press release – Emergency situation created from COVID-19

Press release – Emergency situation created from COVID-19

Prishtina – 08 April 2020

Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, after decisions taken by Government, has immediately acted in conformity with the created situation and in compliance with the said decision, by being vigilant to the importance of keeping the continuity of mining activities in the country.
In compliance with this, the Board in the meeting held on 15.03.2020 took the decision on establishing the emergency staff. On this occasion, it is allowed the work under measures and maximum care based on the instructions of respective institutions and with the reduced staff in conformity of the Decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.
In conformity with the created situation, the Board has held extraordinary meetings, where the necessary protective measures have been taken, where disinfectant materials such as alcohol, gloves and protective masks for the engaged staff have been provided, the object of the ICMM has been disinfected. The staff is obliged to adhere to the advices given by the Health Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, such as keeping distance and creating technical conditions for the development of necessary work.
On this occasion, we want to inform the general opinion especially the interested parties, with emphasis of mining enterprises of the ICMM that there was held a regular Board meeting during March for licenses and permits where there have been reviewed 12 Exploration Licenses, 6 Mining Licences, 6 Special Operation Permits and the annual report of the ICMM has been approved.

ICMM as well has continued the field work to perform mining activities, inspection and monitoring of sector, with reduced staff and health safety measures.
Under the supervision of the ICMM inspectors, 21 blasting have been successfully completed until now in the surface mining operations, from which 257,537.28m3 of hard rocks have been gained, as an essential precondition for continuing the operation of mining enterprises, as well as the chain of high and low construction.
The ICMM will continue to maintain this continuity of work, which will have a positive impact in the country’s economy as necessary for the moments we are going through.

As well, four blasting have been completed in the underground mines of lead-zinc in the northern part of the country, in the Bello Berdo and Cernac mines.
It is worth emphasising that the escort of explosives is always done by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration with the approval of KFOR whereas the approval and monitoring of mines by ICMM Inspectors. Blasting is done by blasting companies licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration.

All illegal operations in the Republic of Kosovo are being inspected as well.
The largest mines by number of workers and production capacity such as: “Trepça” JSC, KEK, “Newco Ferronikeli Complex” LLC and “Sharr Cem” are continuing with production, so the ICMM inspectors are monitoring and supporting their activity and as needed will assimilate in compliance with legal duties and responsibilities.
ICMM, as the third contributor to the country’s budget with about 31 million Euros per year, during the first quarter of this year has realized the revenues of about 7,925,121.38 €, which compared to the first quarter of 2019 is higher with 8.5%.
We would like to inform you that the ICMM will continue to work in conformity with the decisions of the Government, respectively the decision of the Board and under the supervision of the emergency staff, to enable the continuity of production in the mining industry and thus by supporting the country’s economy through sectors, in which case productivity is maintained in key sectors.
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