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Meeting with Deutsche Geselschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Prishtina – 13 June 2019


The Board and the Director of the ICMM met with the representatives of GIZ.


The purpose of the meeting dislike the previous meetings was the consultation about the GIZ Project “Strengthening Spatial Planning and Land Management in Kosovo” where the mapping of the zoning map for Podujeva Municipality is in process now. This map as a document of spatial planning defines the development conditions for all zones within the territory of a Municipality including as well the mines and minerals zones.

Hereupon, the purpose of this meeting will be obtaining information on the planning conditions, requests and limitations of mining zones in Podujeva Municipality with special emphasis in those metallic ones.

The Member of the ICMM Board, Mr Kemajl Zeqiri informed the participants for the ICMM activity where it is said that the main activity is licensing and inspection.

Related to the interest of the Spatial Planning Advisor (GIZ), Mrs Rudina Qerimi about thermal-mineral water, the reply was that there are no licences for them because the Law on Mines and Minerals do not include them. Mr Zeqiri expressed among other things that no plan should risk the exploitation of any resource as long as it impacts in the economic development. Mr Zeqiri said among other things that we are as well for protection of environment to the extent that it doesn’t stop the economic development. No license is issued without MESP consent and no one can operate without surface rights.

Mr Sali Mulaj, Head of Geology Department, informed the participants that every request of Municipalities have got the answers either for maps or other issues.

The necessity of mapping of the zoning map has come with the amendment of the Law on Spatial Planning.

Both sides agreed to continue cooperation as well in the future.