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International Conference



It is held a two-day international conference “MINING SECTOR AND MINERAL RESOURCES KOSOVO- ALBANIA” organized by the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals. This conference was organized in cooperation between the two states of Kosovo and Albania. Working group of this Conference was comprised of ICMM, MED (Mining Department, Geology Survey) and MTI from Kosovo and MIE (NANR, AGS) from Albania.

The conference was opened by the Chairman of the Working group, Mr Avdi Konjuhi-Member of the ICMM Board. He said that we feel privileged that the ICMM is the leader of this organization, but all this would be impossible without the help of the highest institutions responsible for the mining sector in the Government of Kosovo and Albania. Mr Konjuhi also emphasized that the purpose of the conference is to present the current situation in mining industry of Kosovo, but not avoiding the presentation of researches, opportunities for exploitation and processing of mineral resources of our two countries.

Present at this conference was Deputy Prime Minister – Fatmir Limaj, Deputy Prime Minister /Minister of Diaspora and Strategic Investments -Dardan Gashi, Minister of Trade and Industry – Bajram Hasani, Ambassador of Albania Qemal Minxhozi and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy-Enis Aliko, Albania. All of them congratulated the idea of holding this conference, as the development of the mining sector is in the interest of both states. Among other things, the Ambassador of Albania, Mr Minxhozi said that Kosovo did not do sufficient exploration of its minerals in the border area, which for this purpose I propose that, the two states together to form a commission in order to draft a project for minerals of Kosovo-Albania border line. This would be a good opportunity for Kosovo to return to an important mining area and it would be created thousands of jobs.

Chairman of the ICMM Board, Musa Shabani expressed that this conference is a good opportunity for local and international businesses because they will have the opportunity from the presenters of the conference to understand: 1.Strategies and policies of Kosovo and Albania for this sector, 2. Legislation and licensing procedures, 3. The potential of the mineral resources they possess, 4. The two-state University programs for mining subject 5. Presentation of mining enterprises, 6. Visits and close recognition of Trepça, KEK and the State Museum of Crystals.

Participants to this conference were representatives from several prestigious companies from different countries of the world from: Canada, America, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, Montenegro etc. where they had the opportunity to listen 23 presentations related to the mining sector from both countries of Kosovo and Albania. Azem Rexhaj, Member of the ICMM Board, made a presentation to the participants regarding legislation in the mining sector in Kosovo and forms of application for licensing, types of licenses, etc.

The second day of the conference were in the field at the Trepça mine St. Terg, Museum of Crystals and KEK mine in order for the participants to look closely at the work done in the mines of Kosovo.

After many discussions at the end of the conference, the theme of the debate was the holding of the conference next year, where it was decided that this international conference to be held in Tirana.