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Greeting letter of the Chairman of the ICMM Board for miners’ week

Greeting letter of the Chairman of the ICMM Board dedicated to the marking of the 27th anniversary of the Trepça miners’ strike

Dear Miners and Workers of Artana and Stanterg, dear management structures of Trepça, dear director of Trepça, today we are gathered here that in the difficult circumstances that our country is going through to mark the day of the Trepca miners’ strike 27 years ago, that at least to contribute with a positive reflection with the remembrance of these events as miners’ strike had reflected so strongly 27 years ago.

The miners of that time were gathered as one body, they went on strike to oppose the discrimination against their country Kosovo, with constitutional amendments of that time by the regime of former Yugoslavia, thus giving a serious punch to that totalitarian chauvinist regime that it exercised a physical and psychological violence against all Albanians in the former Yugoslavia.

Miners’ strike in that time stood up in a hitherto unprecedented solidarity of all Albanians, and woke as well the wider support of the international community, thus giving a new dimension to the Albanian issue in the former Yugoslavia.

Miners’ strike brought new developments to Albanians, which were being developed until the establishment of the KLA which with its glorious war, together with the support of USA and NATO brought freedom to Kosovo.

Today, when Kosovo is building freedom and its statehood, disruptions are occurring as never before, I would like you to note that this does not contribute to our development as a state, otherwise it will affect negatively in all processes such as partnership with USA and European integration process, it will also have consequences on economic development of the country that it is so necessary.

Dear Miners, you best know what is patriotism and the war for freedom, because among you also many martyrs died, so in this case I ask you to reflect with your work in economic development of the country, in this way you will protect the state and FREEDOM.

Dear Miners, I assure you that the ICMM will support all strategic and development projects which will affect the recovery of Trepça and all other mining projects that will restore the economy of country.

Good luck!
Musa Shabani
Chairman of the ICMM Board