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31st Anniversary of the Trepça Miners’ Strike

Today during the 31st Anniversary of the Trepça Miners’ Strike

From the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Chairman of the ICMM Board, Mr Musa Shabani made as well a remark where among other things he said:
Miners’ strike 31 years ago is marked in our history as one on the most important event of that time. It brought new development within Albanians, which were developed until the establishment of KLA which with its glorious war rose awareness to the international factor, especially the USA which helped us to win the freedom for Kosovo.
Dear miners, you know best what is patriotism and war for freedom, because many of you joined KLA and a part of them fell martyrs, hereupon I call you to reflect with your work in the economic development of country, you will contribute in this way in advancement of FREEDOM.
Dear miners, I am not distinguished and I don’t pretend to be a politician and to make political speeches, hereupon I want to say some things on this occasion for the current state of Trepça.
How it is possible Trepça to be developed where is no investments in human resources or in technology
How it is possible unit of Artana and Kishnica to be developed where there aren’t workers to cover the needs of maintenance of all underground mining works of mines and even for production of ore
How it is possible to have development where more than 50% of actual workforce is over the age of 50, and most of them should have to be retired according to the international practices of employments in mines
How it is possible development where the number of engineers of mining, geology, machinery is symbolic whereas there are at all no engineers of survey or electro-technics
How it is possible development where there aren’t investments in technology for the needs of mine
How it is possible development when working in Kishnica is