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The ICMM Board has started its work

Press release
Prishtina – 10 December 2021

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in the plenary session held on 6 December 2021 has elected the Board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals: Chairwoman Selvete Grajqevci-Pllana and 4 Members Mr. Jahir Gashi, Mrs. Rrezarta Pushkolli – Makolli, Mr. Gani Maliqi and Mr. Gani Kastrati.

The Director of the ICMM, Mr. Ramiz Krasniqi, has informed the actual Board that the lack of the Board has resulted to receive many applications and about 300 applications for exploration, mining and special activities are waiting for review.

The Board has held I (the first) meeting where several important decisions for functioning of the ICMM have been taken because this institution was without Board since 07 August 2020.

We inform the public opinion and all enterprises of mining sector that applied for licenses and permits to ICMM that the Board has started its work and it will work intensively until the completion of review of all applications that are waiting for review.

As well, the Board has been determined to cooperate with all institutions and especially with the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, in order to harmonize decisions and to create the most favourable legal conditions in order to increase the mining sector in the Republic of Kosovo.