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The Board of Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals met interested participants for investments in the Republic of Kosovo

Prishtina – December 2018

The Director of the corporation PROSAP CORPORATION LIMITED Mrs Rehana Amer, independent Councillor elected for Vintry Ward in the City of London Corporation, mentor  of some Chambers of Commerce in United Kingdom and abroad and an entrepreneur with businesses in IT, engineering, management, consultation, housing, health care and education in United Kingdom, accompanied by Ms Elmaze Pireva – Head of Economic and Commercial Affairs within the Embassy of Kosovo in England and Turkesh Dalifi from Department of Economic Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were in a visit in the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals.

Mrs Amer was interested for mining potentials of the Republic of Kosovo and for the possibilities of investments in mining sector. Mrs Amer through her company Prosap Corporation Limited is ready to work with the Embassy of Kosovo in London and with the Ministry of Trade and Industry on promotion of economic development of Kosovo through international trade and direct foreign investments for development of infrastructure of Kosovo.

She was hosted by Mr Avdi Konjuhi and Mr Azem Rexhaj, Members of the ICMM Board. The interested participants for investments in Kosovo were informed by Mr Rexhaj and Mr Konjuhi on the procedures and conditions of licensing, licencing terms and information related to the exploration and mining licences. As Mrs Rehana Amer was interested for metallic minerals lead and zinc, she was informed on possibilities of application in free zones and about zones of special interest for which it was said to her that she have to address to the Government respectively to the Ministry of Economic Development. She was informed as well for the opportunities offered through the Law on Strategic Investments. The Members of the ICMM Board promised to Mrs. Amer that the ICMM will offer support and maximal transparency on possibility of application for any licence in the ICMM, if the company decides to invest in the Republic of Kosovo.