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About ICMM Structure of ICMM
Date: 10/17/2017
Structure of ICMM


ICMM has an organizational structure arranged as follows:


·      Board: - The ICMM is directed by the ICMM Board. Duties and functions of the ICMM Board are determined in accordance with article 59 and 62 of the law on Mines and Minerals.
·      Director: - The Director of the ICMM conducts the ordinary business of the ICMM, performs all functions delegated by the ICMM Board; in accordance with applicable legislation.
·      Internal Audit Unit: - IAU examines and evaluates the adequate effectiveness of management control system, polices, procedures and plans of BO and supporting organizations to be adopted to lead their activities.
·      Inspectorate Department: - carries out inspections of all surface and underground mining activities (in accordance with licence conditions) including also explosives (drilling–blasting), in coordination with KFOR and MIA. It does the inspection in accidents cases related to mines, inspection of illegal operations, as well seizure of equipment and resources of illegal actions.
·      Survey Department: - carries out all activities of survey measurements and inspection in mines, verification of coordinates of all applications, verification of coordinates of pre-blasting fields, verification of situations of the mined reserves during calendar year.
·      Geology Department: - carries out all necessary activities to ensure licensed, orderly and optimal exploration and utilization of mineral resources of Kosovo in compliance with the law on Mines and Minerals and Mining Strategy, optimal utilization of minerals and acceptable environmental development. Also it does obtaining, compiling and archiving of geo-scientific data of the territory of Kosovo.
·      GIS Department - monitors the Information Management System (IMS) for Geo-Database of Kosovo (IMS GDK). IMS supports the ICMM works, manages every electronically stored data of the ICMM (such as documents and reports, geoscientific maps, data of mineral deposits, archive and other data).
·      Legal Department - assists in compilation of primary and secondary legislation, in close cooperation with the Board, Directorate, departments and other organizational units from the ICMM scope. It assists in compilation of different acts issued by the Board and Directorate. It verifies and ensures the compliance with basic principles of jurisprudence, and respecting the legislative techniques, for all legal and sub-legal acts proposed or sponsored and approved in the ICMM.
·      Administration Department - offers to the others departments of institutions, effectively and efficiently, administrative services, transport and logistics services, personnel services and language services; and from contractual services as well rent of premises, physical security and maintenance of the ICMM premises. Administration Department contains of: Division of Transport and Logistics, Personnel Section and Language Section.
·      Finance Department - has responsibility to manage the ICMM’s budget, in accordance with the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability No. 03/L-048, and to collect Royalties, in accordance with the Law No. 03/L-163, and the law No. 04/L-158 on Amending and Supplementing the basic law on Mines and Minerals. Finance Department contains of: Revenue Division and Payment Unit.
·      Procurement Department – is responsible for management of all procurement activities in the ICMM in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement of Kosovo. It performs organization and general administration of procurement within the ICMM, carries out procurement activities including specifications, receiving and evaluation of tenders, contracts as well as interconnection of ensuring implementation of all activities and supply systems.
·      Information Technology Department – is responsible for operation and management of information technology infrastructure in the Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals. It ensures the qualitative solutions of information technology to enable fast, easy and suitable exchange of information inside and outside the ICMM.

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