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Date: 10/17/2017
Provided Data

In order to provide the best possible information to potential investors, the ICMM has set itself the task of implementing a GIS and Geodatabase Kosovo (GDK) project. The objective of the project is the establishment of an adequate and user-friendly portal that meets the needs of the ICMM, of the different state authorities and of the national and international mining and geological community. The website has to be an important source of information on opportunities and events related to the mining sector.

The main goal of this project is to enhance the communication between the ICMM and the target groups. To this end, data is collated and administered to provide for the best possible access for all target groups. Data shall be systematically collected on the following:

  • Licences, both for exploration and mining, on the start and finish dates, coordinates and land parcels as table data
  • Active mining sites, and those that are under consideration as exploration licences as graphic plots on topographic layers (presently these topographic maps are derived from the original Yugoslavian plots).
  • Permits issued under the Regulations e.g. processing plant permits, shot firer certificates, blasting and exploration drilling permits.
  • Geological data and resource definitions and locations, as interactive graphic displays
  • Mineral occurrences and their estimated quantities and limits, both as data tables and graphic displays
  • The Kosovo Quarry Plan, which shall demarcate those sections of the region which have been allocated for other purposes viz. roads, power lines, housing, industrial use etc.
  • Detail geoscientific maps which shall finally show the following: minerals, soil map, map of geo-hazards, groundwater resources, geochemical and geophysical maps with internationally accepted legends and descriptions.

Geo-Database Kosova start screen
Geo-Database Kosova start screen

Geo-Database Kosova mining licence screen
Geo-Database Kosova mining licence screen


Geo-Database Kosova Gis module
Geo-Database Kosova Gis module

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