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About ICMM
Date: 10/17/2017
About ICMM

The ICMM shall regulate mining activities in Kosovo in accordance with the Law on Mines and Minerals, the subnormative acts issued pursuant to the Law on Mines and Minerals, and the Mining Strategy.

The ICMM shall act in the public interest and independently exercise the powers and carry out the functions assigned to it by the Law on Mines and Minerals.

The ICMM shall comply with the Law on Access to Official Documents, the Law on Public Procurement, the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability, and all other laws governing the conduct and management of public authorities in Kosovo.

The ICMM, as an independent body reports directly to the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo. Law Nr. 03/L-163 on Mines and Minerals and Law No. 04/L-158 on Amending and Supplemnting the Law Nr. 03/L-163 on Mines and Minerals lay down the legal status of ICMM

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