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Date: 07/25/2016
Activities and Notifications

17.05.2016 Annual Report of the ICMM for 2015
Press release 04/2016 Prishtina: May, 2016

Nezavisna Komisija za Rudnika i Minerale u okviru zakonskih odgovornosti, na 05.05.2016 podneo Godišnji Izveštaj NKRM-le za godinu 2015 Komisiji za Ekonomski Razvoj, Trgovinu i Industriju parlamenta Republike Kosovo.
U ovom izveštaju na detalan naćin navodi izazove i dostignuća NKRM-le za godinu 2015, gde je napredak u odnosu rada i izazova i dalje ostaje u borbi ilegalne operacije kao glavna dostignuća dok kao glavni uspeh NKRM-le je u buđetu višak od 7%, i rast prihoda 11% u odnosu na 2014.
Takođe na 11.05.2016, NKRM je predstavio financijski izveštaj funkcionalnoj komisiji Parlamenta Republike Kosova.
U ovom slućaju, oba gore navedene funkcionale komisije Republike Kosova usvojila izveštaje pripremljene od NKRM.

10.05.2016 Meeting of the delegation of Albanian-Israeli Association in the ICMM - Prishtina

The ICMM Board (Musa Shabani - Chairman of the  Board, Kemajl Zeqiri - Member of the Board and Avdi Konjuhi - Member of the Board) have held a meeting with the Albanian-Israeli Association in the ICMM offices on 10.05.2016. In this meeting it was discussed about the licencing procedures of the mining companies in Kosovo, especially for exploration and mining licences. Among other things, it was discussed also for applicable legislation and for general procedures that should be conducted for application respectively to obtain exploration licence and mining licence. A presentation was done by the Member of the Board, Kemajl Zeqiri, for the attendees where attendees were informed for the mining and institutional potential and rules and legal procedures for permits and licenses.

01.04.2016 The visit of the ICMM Board to the company "NewCo Ferronikeli Complex" LLC

Press release 03/2016
After receiving the news from the media on the business difficulties of the company NewCo Ferro-nikeli Complex LLC, the ICMM Board comprised of Musa Shabani Chairman of the Board, Board Members Azem Rexhaj and Avdi Konjuhi visited this company on 06.04.2016.
ICMM Board was hosted by the Director General of the Company Mr. Miltiadis Tragakis, Mr. Gani Canolli Deputy Director General and Mr. Nasuf Mjekiqi Director of Ferronickel Mines.
During the meeting Mr. Tragakis informed the ICMM Board on difficult situation of the business that this company is now, which is as the result of several external and internal factors. According to him, the main factors that have brought the company NewCo Ferronikeli Complex LLC in these difficulties are;
1.            Metal prices falling especially of Nickel on world markets,
2.            The high price for megawatt of electricity in Kosovo - for industries such as ferronickel
3.            Impossibility of using some of the ore reserves because of the inability to relocate the paved road and railway in Glavica mine.
The ICMM Board, chaired by Musa Shabani offered support to the company to overcome this situation, by ensuring that ICMM is ready to offer support together with other relevant institutions to help the company in overcoming the crisis certainly relying within the legal responsibilities that the ICMM has.

01.04.2016 The visit of the delegation of Albania in ICMM - Pristina

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Albania Mr. Gëzim Musabelliu with his co-operators are staying in Kosovo since yesterday with the invitation of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals.
The delegation of Albania led by Mr. Musabelliu had a meeting with ICMM on the first day of the visit where they were received by the Board and Director of the ICMM.
The Chairman of the ICMM Board Mr. Musa Shabani informed the delegation of Albania on the current activities of the ICMM, challenges and development vision of the ICMM and the mining sector in Kosovo.
During the discussions of the two delegations, it is noted the need for deepening the interinstitutional cooperation, not only in the form of exchanging the experiences but also with concrete geological-mining projects and promoting the mining sector in the world by the diplomatic representations of both countries with a higher intensity.
Then the delegation had a visit in the lignite mines in Mirash, whereas on the second day it will have meetings at the Ministry of Economic Development and then it will meet the management of Trepça in order to be informed on the current state of Trepça Complex. The representatives of ICMM are accompanying the delegation from Albania at all the meetings.
It should be noted that ICMM has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in 2014 with the National Agency of Natural Resources of the Republic of Albania, and it expects this cooperation to be strengthened in future by the concrete projects.

10.03.2016 The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals presents the Mining Sector in Canada

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals presents the Mining Sector at two different events in Canada: PDAC Conference and “NATO Economy 2016 Forum – Mining & Infrastructure
The delegation of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, composed of: Musa Shabani, Kemajl Zeqiri and Festim Kutllovci in the framework of the PDAC Conference, which was held in Toronto, Canada, and that it is the biggest conference for the mining sector, except many meetings with investors and representatives of the various Governments, have presented the mining potential and legal infrastructure on investment opportunities in the mining sector of the country in two different events.
To support the ICMM delegation was also the deputy of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Sala Berisha - Shala, her presence was of special importance particularly during discussions for mining legal framework and discussions on the possibility of supplementing this legal framework.
At first, the presentation was in the framework of the PDAC conference, where the interest of different companies and institutional representatives was extremely high, and therefore our delegation held a series of meetings separately after presentation, based on the requirements of participants in presentation.
The next presentation of the mining sector was in the framework of the event "NATO Economy 2016 Forum - Mining & Infrastructure”, where except the presentation, the representative of the delegation Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri participated as well in the panel discussions. After the presentation in the framework of the meetings "B2B" and "B2G", the delegation held various discussions with institutional representatives and companies from different countries such as Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic etc. It is worth mentioning that Kosovo participates for the first time in this event - NATO Economy Forum.
The delegation thanks the representatives of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb for their support in organizing the presentations at both events. The delegation thanks also the representative of Kosovo Embassy in Canada.

26.02.2016 Greeting letter of the Chairman of the ICMM Board for miners’ week

Greeting letter of the Chairman of the ICMM Board dedicated to the marking of the 27th anniversary of the Trepça miners’ strike
Dear Miners and Workers of Artana and Stanterg, dear management structures of Trepça, dear director of Trepça, today we are gathered here that in the difficult circumstances that our country is going through to mark the day of the Trepca miners’ strike 27 years ago, that at least to contribute with a positive reflection with the remembrance of these events as miners’ strike had reflected so strongly 27 years ago.
The miners of that time were gathered as one body, they went on strike to oppose the discrimination against their country Kosovo, with constitutional amendments of that time by the regime of former Yugoslavia, thus giving a serious punch to that totalitarian chauvinist regime that it exercised a physical and psychological violence against all Albanians in the former Yugoslavia.
Miners' strike in that time stood up in a hitherto unprecedented solidarity of all Albanians, and woke as well the wider support of the international community, thus giving a new dimension to the Albanian issue in the former Yugoslavia.
Miners' strike brought new developments to Albanians, which were being developed until the establishment of the KLA which with its glorious war, together with the support of USA and NATO brought freedom to Kosovo.
Today, when Kosovo is building freedom and its statehood, disruptions are occurring as never before, I would like you to note that this does not contribute to our development as a state, otherwise it will affect negatively in all processes such as partnership with USA and European integration process, it will also have consequences on economic development of the country that it is so necessary.
Dear Miners, you best know what is patriotism and the war for freedom, because among you also many martyrs died, so in this case I ask you to reflect with your work in economic development of the country, in this way you will protect the state and FREEDOM.
Dear Miners, I assure you that the ICMM will support all strategic and development projects which will affect the recovery of Trepça and all other mining projects that will restore the economy of country.
Good luck!
Musa Shabani
Chairman of the ICMM Board

18.01.2016 Presentation in ICMM – NGO TreeKos Rates of radioactivity in the Artana Mine

NGO TreeKos presented the results of a study “Rates of radioactivity in the Artana Mine” on 18.01.2016 in the ICMM’s premises. This project of  NGO TreeKos has been subsidized by the ICMM. This study that has been carried out by the NGO TreeKos, was very important  regarding the presentation of data on the measurement of the rates of radioactivity in this mine.

22.10.2015 ICMM publishes in media the awareness campaign to prohibit illegal mining operations

Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals on his continuation of activities to prohibit illegal mining operations, has published in media (RTK and KosovaPress) the notification of the ICMM’s commitment in cooperation with other institutions to prohibit illegal operations in the exploitation of mineral resources of the Republic of Kosovo. Except these two media, the video can be viewed in the internet at the following link:


19.10.2015 ICMM exceeds the revenue collection plan for the year 2015

According to the report of the Finance Department dated 16.10.2015, the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals has executed the revenue collection 100.13%. ICMM for the October has exceeded for 0.13% the annual plan to collect revenue planned for the year 2015. The following table presents the planning and execution statement of the revenue collection for the year 2015.

01.10.2015 ICMM donates computer equipment and inventory to a school

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals donated computer equipment and inventory for office (8 computers and monitors, 2 photocopies, 19 chairs) to the Primary School “Hasan Prishtina” in Prishtina on 01.10.2015. The ICMM have alienated this inventory from the assets’ list, and according to the procedures it has given as a donation to this school.

08.09.2015 Workshop – Operative plan to prohibit illegal operations

ICMM, on his continuation of regular activities, on 08.09.2015 in the Hotel Victory, organized a workshop “Operative plan to prohibit illegal exploitations of sand and gravel“. The relevant institutions participated in this workshop, where it was expressed the concern for Kosovo’s environment that it is extremely degraded by illegal operations. The representatives of institutions in this meeting vowed to offer cooperation and to support the ICMM to prevent illegal operations.

03.09.2015 Announcement

ICMM organizes a workshop on 08.09.2015 at 10:00 h in the Hotel Victory. All relevant institutions are invited to participate in this workshop, where they will be informed about draft plan compiled by the ICMM and MESP, related to prevention of illegal operations in mining sector.

13.08.2015 Meeting ICMM / GSK
Agreement of Cooperation

ICMM and GSK (Geological Service of Kosovo) have held a meeting in the ICMM offices on 13.08.2015. In this meeting it has been signed an agreement of cooperation between two institutions for the transfer of Geological Laboratory, geological documentation and Laboratory staff, from ICMM to GSK.

11.08.2015 Meeting ICMM / Dardania Mining / Mineral Project.
Possibility to invest in mining sector in Kosovo

ICMM / Dardania Mining / Mineral Project have held a meeting in the ICMM offices on 11.08.2015. In this meeting it was discussed how these companies can obtain exploration and mining licence in mining sector in Kosovo, especially for metal minerals. Among other things, it is discussed also for applicable legislation and for procedures that should be conducted for application and to obtain exploration licence and mining licence.

09.07.2015 Meeting ICMM-MED-PAK-MESP
Initiating the supplementing and amending the AI for reclamation of used mining areas

On 09.07.2015 at the ICMM offices was held an professional interinstitutional committee meeting ICMM-MED-KPA- MESP. At this meeting were discussed the details of the amendment and supplementation of Administrative Instruction 02/2014 on Bank Guarantees and Insurance for all "third party risks".
The professional committee recommended that the ICMM Board considers and approves the administrative instruction for Bank Guarantees and Insurance to all "third party risks"

11.06.2015 Meeting ICMM- MESP- Lipjan municipality
Preparation of report for the Gadime Cave

On 11.06.2015 the Gadime Cave was visited from inter-institutional commission between ICMM-MESP-Lipjan municipality.
The task of the commission was to inspect the general condition of the cave, the impact in cave from blasting, the impact on the environment, etc.
After the visit a professional report was prepared by the inter-institutional commission.


19.05.2016 Meeting of the inter-institutional forum on “Land Management”

A regular meeting of the inter-institutional forum on “Land Management” was held on 19 May 2016.
ICMM is a regular member of this forum, leaded by MESP respectively Kosovo Cadastral Agency and it is supported by donors such as USAID, World Bank, Norwegian Government etc.
This time ICMM was represented by Mr. Musa Shabani - Chairman of the ICMM Board and Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri - Member of the ICMM Board.
Chairman of the Board, Mr. Musa Shabani raised the question of unexecuted decisions taken by the forum, as well as Mr. Musa Shabani required that in the future to be presented the terms and the institution responsible for the implementation of the forum’s decisions. While Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri, noted the importance that cadastral system and marking of roads have in management of mines, since the inspectors in the field not rarely have difficulties to describe the ownership of respective parcels and roads, that further it remains as a problem for the ICMM in management and as well in fighting illegal operations.

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