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About ICMM Structure of ICMM
Date: 08/31/2015
Structure of ICMM

The ICMM is organised in management units as follows:

  • Governing Board (issues licenses and permits and administers the ICMM)
  • Directorate (responsible to the Board for daily affairs and administration)
  • Mine Inspectorate (safety at work, adherence to applicable laws and rules)
  • Geology (tasks of a Geological Survey, archive, field work, collection of data)
  • Data input and GIS (capture, storage and provision of geo-scientific data)
  • Finance and survey (revenue collection, royalties calculation, budgets)
  • Investor relations (attract foreign investors, advertise Kosovo to the world)

Currently the ICMM employs more than 50 employees – of whom 4% come from minorities, 31% are female, 75% are academically qualified. Most speak English and some speak good German.

The Governing Board at present consists of 5 members, each being either academic or technical experts in their fields. Mining, metallurgy, geology and geotechnical engineering are well covered. The Board administers the ICMM, evaluates applications and issues licences.

The Mines Inspectorate consists of experienced, qualified professional and other Engineers responsible for monitoring works to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Geologists are on hand to carry out necessary field work for upgrading the database.

Department of Information Technology (DIT) is responsible for operation and management of information technology infrastructure for the Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals
The GIS input has expert staff trained in overseas countries so that the database is constantly improved.

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